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For Families

Providing you in person, non app based relational care. We are here to find your family the perfect match! Fill out the contact form below to get started.  Let us take the hassle of finding and vetting nanny candidates and do the work for you. 

For Nannies

We are searching for amazing nannies! We look forward to helping you find your dream job. Check out our "Nannies" section to learn more about joining the Imagine Care Nannies team!


We are Paige Davis and Kelsey Sitaram, a mother-daughter duo native to the Huntsville area. Paige started her own doula business here in Huntsville after pursuing a specialized career in doula work while living in Seattle, WA. Kelsey is a ten year business professional, working with other local salon teams and owning her own salon business. She began working in childcare as a young teen, and now as a new mom, combines her entrepreneurial and customer service skills with her desire to help growing families find next level care. 

While in Seattle, Paige pursued her twenty year passion of becoming a doula. While completing her training at the Penny Simpkin Center at Bastyr University, she was hired by a boutique nanny agency. Her clients included professional families in the tech world and even professional sports. Being immersed in the birth and postpartum world and in supporting parents, Paige realized one of the biggest needs her clients are constantly searching for is high quality care for their children. More and more families are hiring postpartum doula support and find they would love to continue that one on one care once the postpartum period is over and they return to work. 


When we began discussing what we could do to solve this issue, we started with the question, "what is the biggest need to be filled for the Greater Huntsville Area?" Our answer was high quality help and devotion to families in the form of nanny care. With Huntsville's climbing rate of new jobs and people relocating from all over the country, we see families that are desperate for care and love the idea of hiring a nanny. But they may not have the time to thoroughly interview and vet potential candidates, or even know where to start.

Thus, Imagine Care Nannies was created.

Paige has an innate attention to detail when it

comes to the ins and outs of exceptional, loving

care for families. Kelsey has a passion for quality

customer care and desire to fulfill the needs

for both devoted nannies searching for

families, and also families in search of the 

perfect nanny fit for their household.

We are so ready to take care of you!


Your agency owner and director


Nanny Placement For Families

We help find the perfect nanny fit for your family according to the needs and desires of your household.

Nanny Employment

We are always looking to add qualifying nannies to our inquiry. We have opportunities for full time, part time, summer placements, and more.




For Families

Team together with another family to benefit a nanny to care for both sets of children. 

Nanny Interview

We do an interview via Zoom for all applying nannies by our agency director, following up in person of your family's chosen nanny candidate(s).




If interested in becoming a nanny, take our course to become equipped with the confidence of safety, quality, and detail of caring for families.

Background Screening

This service is perfect for families that have hired a nanny (or any other household employee) themselves or would like to complete their current employee's annual report.


All of our placements include the following:

  • Candidate's Online Application Review

  • Resume review

  • Reference checks

  • In-person or Zoom interview

  • State and county background screening

  • Sexual misconduct record check

  • Department of motor vehicle driving record check

  • Social security verification

  • Residency history search

  • Infant/child CPR and First Aid certification verification

  • Social media platform checks

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