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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Imagine Care Nannies? 

Our personal service! Imagine Care Nannies is a locally owned boutique agency that specializes in household placement. While we appreciate the convenience of the internet, we are a people based business, and we love to operate on a more intimate basis. We strive to be personally available for both families and nannies at all times. Imagine Care Nannies works with just a handful of families at a time. This allows us to offer individual personalized service to both our families and our nannies. We care about our families, and our top priority is finding the perfect match! All families and nannies work directly with the agency director. She will effectively assess your family’s needs, gather suitable candidates, and in turn, find you the perfect match for your family.


1. Time + Money

Comparable nanny agencies charge a 14-18% of yearly salary for placement fee. Imagine Care Nannies is pleased to offer a competitive flat rate fee for full and part time placements. We also save you time! For every large collection of candidates, there may only be 2 or 3 that are the best fit for your family’s position. Narrowing down the candidate pool to find the best candidates is what we do best. You and your family can secure the best nanny, by harnessing the expertise of Imagine Care Nannies! While we are sourcing, screening and presenting qualified, top-notch candidates for your family, you are able to go about your day. Our team stays busy and productive, saving your precious family time.


2. Candidate Reach

While a job ad posted on a generic database will gain response from general job seekers, we at Imagine Care Nannies have extensive networks of passionate, seasoned candidates who will learn of your family’s needs and opportunity through direct contact by us. This increases the pool of highly quality and screened candidates to be presented to you. All candidates have been pre-screened and interviewed by Paige and/or Kelsey. We have conducted extensive screening on every nanny candidate that we send you. This includes: resume screening and application collection, phone calls, professional interviews, reference checks, online presence research, and for your chosen candidate, a premier background check.


3. Specialization

At Imagine Care Nannies, we know the ins and outs of the nanny industry, and we love what we do! When we are recruiting for a family, we can source candidates efficiently because we have deep knowledge of the industry, and both nanny and family needs. Here is a scenario that many Huntsville families know too well: You’re new to the area, or you’re trying to do recruitment independently. You’re spending precious time searching through hundreds of nanny profiles on nanny database sites full of inexperienced and unprofessional nannies – which have not been screened by an industry professional. While the low cost of these sites is alluring, this method often leaves families inundated with emails, having to decide which nannies fit the position, and families are sometimes still left without a nanny. This takes time, and can be very overwhelming for a parent trying to juggle caring for their children and (going back to) work. By using our agency, you won’t need to sift through nanny profiles for hours and hours. We find the best of the best, and you choose your favorite. Typically, families meet with 1 – 5 candidates that we present to them.


4. Perspective

Since we have industry specific specialization, we possess a wealth of knowledge and can provide valuable insight on the proper structure of the specific household position; its position scope, and competitive compensation package. You also gain the benefit of our agency’s relationship with local nannies, networks and related industry professionals.


5. Support

Whether you are a seasoned nanny employer, or this is all new to you, we’re here to answer any questions you may have along the way. We ensure that your family is represented in a proper and appropriate manner, always with well-thought out safeguards. We are here to make nanny placement easy for you! We are a helping hand for your family.


6. Complete Package

As well as top-notch recruitment, we will also initiate a background screening of your chosen candidate, which also includes a driving record. You will receive an easy to read report for your records. Imagine Care Nannies provides all necessary documents and contracts to ensure a successful employment relationship. This includes a formal job offer and work agreement documents for your family and nanny to sign before employment. Other forms included: medical/dental release, waiver to transport, emergency information form, waiver to administer medication, and cell phone/social media policy. Happy families, and happy nannies are our top priority! Imagine Care Nannies placements also come with a replacement policy. We will conduct a new search to replace a nanny if your family is not completely satisfied. 

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